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Colorectal cancer blood in stool

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Include only information pertinent positives and negatives relevant to this patient s problem s. Blood in stool with ea ch bowel movement, patient notes drops of blood prior to defacation, and burning during defacation.

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One bowel movement or less a day for 10 years. Diarrhea bega n one month ago and has loose watery stool at least one time a day, with rectal spasms.

colorectal cancer blood in stool

Diet consists most of junk food, no appetite changes, lost 10 lbs in a week. Exercise each day walks one mile.

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Psh: hemorrhoids removed 2 years ago Fh: parents alive and well, sister died of breast cancer 5 years ago Sh: denies tobacco, etoh, or drug use, lives alone, works as a librarian PHYSICAL EXAM: Describe any positive and negative findings relevant to this pat ient s problem s.

Be careful to include only those parts of examination you perform ed in this как заработать быстро сатоши 2019. List your diagnoses from most to least likely.

colorectal cancer blood in stool

For some cases. Fewer than 3 di agnoses will be appropriate.

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Then, enter the positive or negative findings from the history and physical examination if present that support each diagnosis. L astly, list initial diagnostic studies if any you would order for each listed diagnosis e.

What Is Rectal Bleeding?