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Colorectal cancer in 2020. Comunicate de presă


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    The demand for diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy has been increasing annually in Romania and worldwide. However, sometimes it is challenging to learn the new interventional procedures, due to its long learning curve.

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    CRC is offering the complete solution for Colorectal cancer CRC starting from early diagnosis, endoscopic treatment of early lesions as well as management of advanced lesions. The course will consist of two full days of state of the art lectures as well as four hands on training sessions parallel to meet the experts session. Our course is intended for practicing gastroenterologists and for fellows in training with varying levels of training and experience.

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    Our aim is to offer a focused and deliberate endoscopy practice in order to supply the attendees with practical skills to use, required core competencies and specific feedback, variables particularly important in the clinical practice. Therefore it is our pleasure and honor to welcome you to this hands-on endoscopy course with the support of Roeya Training Center and World Endoscopy Organization. Course Directors.

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