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    ent paulated

    CNPR as a universal service provider in the postal field for the period 1 January — 31 Decemberfor the provision of all the postal services within the scope of universal service. As a universal service provider, CNPR will have the obligation to provide these services throughout Romania, including in remote or sparsely populated geographic areas, where the reduced number of cleared and distributed postal items does ent paulated justify the presence of a postal provider on commercial principles.

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    Furthermore, CNPR will have the obligation to ensure at least one clearance from every access point and at least one delivery to each indicated address in every Romanian locality, every working day, minimum 5 days a week, excepting the localities characterised by exceptional geographic conditions, where the delivery frequency set by Ent paulated is lower.

    The tariffs charged by CNPR for the provision of the postal services within the scope of universal service must be affordable, uniform, transparent, non-discriminatory and cost-oriented, bearing in mind the economic efficiency, the ensuring of the right to access the universal service and the development of the public postal network.

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    Should the provision of these services prove to be an unfair burden for CNPR, ANCOM may decide to compensate the net cost of the possible losses registered as a result of fulfilling the universal service obligation. The Authority designated the universal service provider ex officio given that, following the intention notice published in Septembernone of the submitted requests fulfilled the requirements of form and eligibility set in order to designate the universal service providers in the postal field.

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    Considering the need to ensure the universal service for all the Romanian citizens by providing certain minimum services at a certain ent paulated level, ANCOM analysed the capacity of the authorised postal providers from Romania to observe the obligations incumbent on the universal service provider in view of designating one of them ex officio.