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Metastatic cancer and blood. My metastatic breast cancer treatment at MD Anderson in Sugar Land pastile de vierme timp de 1 zi

I'm Rebecca Nellis, the executive director of Cancer and careers. And today we're going to be talking about working after a metastatic breast cancer diagnosis, including thinking about some practical tips that might help you if you're facing the same thing.

In fact, many people choose to work during summer all of their cancer treatment and that choice is different and specific to each individual.

Cancer—a definition.

Of course things like a paycheck health insurance other. But work is also how we contribute to the world, our sense of self for identity. It can be a place to go for normal see and and to be your whole self not just a person facing a cancer diagnosis in dealing with the treatment that comes with it.

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So it's really important to think about all of those factors when you're considering what work means to you because the impact of diagnosis will vary from person to person and I am so excited to be joined to talk about all of this by Jamil Rivers who is going.

To introduce yourself to you and tell you a little bit about her story before we jump into some questions, I have about how she balanced at all. Well, my name is Janelle Rivers. I married with a three sons and I started. Job and was only 30 - nine at the time. That's a busy House in a lot on your plate. So when you were diagnosed you didn't take any time off from your job.

Is that right?

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Metastatic cancer and blood wanted to keep my family as stable as possible. I in the past was let go from a job for pregnancy and so I was a little you know maybe a little paranoid but I said you know what I don't wanna you know risk getting on public assistance or not having my benefits now that I have cancer in my entire family is on my health benefits that I have at work and I always hear that you're gonna need more resources and more money when it comes to cancer especially because I met a static in metastatic means stage four and the breast cancer.

All over my body and I think what people believe with cancers that you know stage four terminal. Who else is gonna be their mom so I really can't focus on statistics. I can't think about what I can't do. I have to focus on what I can do.

So did condilom plat al îndepărtării colului uterin decide to disclose at work?

I'm gonna need to hear more about that only because you know I had just started the job. I really didn't feel that I have proven what I could do. I have a really strong work ethic even if I had asked for time they probably would have granted unguent tetraciclin din papiloame to me even though I hadn't been there for full year for FMLA but I wanted them to be invested in me to see what I could do and show what I could do and so I shaved my head got a wig that look like my hair.

I got my eyebrows micro shaded so that you know it look like I still had eyebrows and and I just went to work and pretty much. I just took advantage of all the resources that are out there for cancer patients and just overdosed on support and I really just focus one day at a time and just took a day by day and just kept pushing kept pushing. Yeah that's I think that's a common feeling and and a great couple. Sort of framing that common feeling the disclosure pieces is really important and I think so many people assume that you got diagnosed and you have to disclose either because you literally metastatic cancer and blood obligated to or because there's no way to do it without and we cancer encourage spend a lot of time helping people think about what they actually want to do right about disclosure and then making the choices that work for them and so at some point you did disclose correct right when you think about it.

You know I think if I had taken time. Of course I would have disclosed but me I was focused on keeping everything stable and normal as possible and so I thought well you know I know that there are other people here that have health issues but they're not going around broadcasting it or holding a sign saying hey, I have diabetes or hey I have high blood pressure if I'm not taking any time off then you know and I'm still able to meet all my obligations and responsibilities at work and there's really no need to disclose anything.

Secret especially because initially when I got diagnosed I learned about a lot of the disparities when it comes to women of color and patients that are metastatic and so I started becoming an advocate working with a lot of organizations and so you know other patients would notice how I was doing and they're like oh you don't look matters static and you look like you're doing fine. Can you help tell me and so still not a secret but once all that attention came I just went to bed.

This is what's going on and then did the fact that contrast papilomas knew have an impact on you at work. Did it change how they interacted with you or dealt with you or did you boala papiloma concerns? I was low concerned that you know being a leader being so visible that folks might be a little skittish because you know cancer is one of those things where you know this that some of your friends just aren't that close anymore because cancer has a weird way of making facial mortality and there's a lot that people don't understand about cancer in general and especially stage four cancer and so I thought it.

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Okay well there could be some people that are uncomfortable or they might not know how to you know interact with me the same way but I think because I was understanding and kinda had already gone through my journey at this point.

I kinda feel like you know other people can't make me feel any type of way.

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I guess because I'm so in this now I had my time to kinda get acclimated with where I am and I think having that lead up time prepared me for any you know adverse response. Or anything like that where it just floated right off at me but mostly everyone they were surprised but they were very supportive and you know they had questions and you know and I think a lot of them it made them think about their own cancer risk and family history which was good.

I have stage four breast cancer but everyone has been great for. And it hasn't overtaken your work life or taken away from them dealing with you know a lot of people forget yeah. Crows and cons right right? Yourself and mindfulness and balance. I think they understand that about me and so everybody should fight. She's good. We don't have to worry about.

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Her self care is not selfish is another fantastic nugget. That's so important and it's true for everyone not just in a more specific cancer context. But in general, we operate as people who metastatic cancer and blood think taking care of ourselves is somehow being selfish now.

I've learned that you know with this because of how much care and management and complexity and focus in that I have to put towards just me being good for myself.

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That's one liberating thing I could say so yeah it's just whatever. Of course everyone's experience is Super specific and individual metastatic cancer and blood their response to treatment and the kind of job that they have.

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There's so. Nuances that make each of us our own special unique individual in it, but if you think about things that are broader, do you have thoughts for people trying to figure out how to balance both an NBC diagnosis and their jobs? What would you tell someone I would say there's a solution for everything.

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There's a solution to every problem. I find that a lot of the patients that I mentor just kinda think that they need to persevere through a lot of the negative effects of dealing with the cancer diagnosis. You don't have to do that so take advantage of am de a face cu un vierme folks that.

Wanting to help you a lot of times people don't know how to help tell them you know what I would love it. If you came and clean my House you know or if you need to have a little bit more accommodation at work most people would be understanding you don't have to fully disclose and give your full health history but if you need to you know have a particular type of chair or a particular type of accommodation to make your life a little easier.

So there's a lot of negative things that you. You know, just find a solution for that you don't have to just muddle through.

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We talked about that a lot actually in terms of trying to identify what is making work harder and how metastatic cancer and blood you then come up with solutions like what you're talking about to address it. I often say to people.

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Yeah, right. And so you're assuming that it's too much. It's too hard or you're asking for something enormous. So I think that's a that's a great angle and piece of advice and you obviously clearly reached out to your community. Community but also into the cancer community.

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So would you say that that is also something you point people towards right? Because I think a lot of times you know normal see is good but you don't have to try to do everything and be everything to everybody like he is doing especially women you know we're so used to being everything to everybody. You know what I've really simplified my life where I was like okay what is non negotiables. What do I have to do? Well what is you know what is definitely on me. You know there's nothing wrong.

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There's nothing criminal about having shortcuts. Have somebody to clean your House. Just go ahead. Sign up now. See how that major life that much easier and then come to find out you know what this is actually you know give me a little spa where metastatic cancer and blood know you're able to get through a little bit better and I think you're also making an incredible point about not looking at your life as compartments but looking at the whole so while having someone clean your House might not have a direct impact on your work life by virtue of not having to worry about that or do that when you get home, you've just gained energy back.

Yeah, I and time right because cancer is complex. It's a whole full-time job to understand what's going on with yourself and what's next and what the implications are and you know every cancer is different for the individual so why work one shift if you're still working then you go home metastatic cancer and blood you gotta work the next shift. So if you think about all the different tasks responsibilities things you have to do self care is one of those things. That's that's a long list as well.

How about your wipe out some of that stuff that you know is you know negotiable right? You know you can put that off. Here or maybe you could have somebody else help you with that. You know everything doesn't have to be on your plate.

I love that I feel like we could talk for hours but we don't have our so I'm so glad we got to have this conversation because I think until you hear someone tell their story metastatic cancer and blood recognize that you found a path through that work for you.

So metastatic cancer and blood you can do it so can someone else. It's so inspiring so I'm really grateful that I got to spend this time with you today to thank you for that I appreciate being invited.

Another thing that's really important that I want metastatic cancer and blood to take away is you don't owe anybody anything you don't have to you know have everybody at your House if you don't want them too. It's hard to remember that you know only buy anything you don't have to tell everyone in your business.

You know be selfish take care of yourself.

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