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Endometrial cancer review

Endometrial hyperplasia and particularly complex atypical hyperplasia exposes to a high risk of development of the endometrial carcinoma, being considered a lesion precursory to the same.

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Endometrial hyperplasias are risk factors for the development of endometrial carcinoma and their prophylaxis implies their accurate diagnosis, taking into account that the adenocarcinomas diagnosed in an advanced stage, whose therapeutic context differs from the early stages, have a much lower chance of survival.

Material and methods: Our study aimed at highlighting objective criteria in establishing the morphological diagnosis and in evaluating the prognostic elements. The studied batch included patients with endometrial hyperplasia and patients with endometrial adenocarcinoma, who were admitted between andand the histopathologic diagnosis was obtained by processing the hysterectomy pieces.

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The presence of this tumour was at its highest level half-way through the study, which was in Endometrial cancer review According to the study, there was a higher proportion of patients with endometrial carcinoma from the urban environment Depending on their age, most cases of endometrial adenocarcinoma were diagnosed in year old patients, with an average age of Conclusions: Our study proves that endometrial hyperplasia is a frequent diagnosis in peri- and postmenopausal patients and is frequently identified following investigations for an abnormal uterine bleeding.

The age of patients with endometrial carcinoma is an important prognostic factor independent of other parameters.

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The difference between complex hyperplasia with no atypias and complex hyperplasia with atypias is important, because atypical complex hyperplasia is considered the precursor of endometrial adenocarcinoma. Author Biographies A. Gynecol Oncol ; Abeler VM.

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Aggressive Forms of Endometrial Carcinoma. Pathology of Endometrium.

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Short Courses. Pathol ; Endometrial Cancer.

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Three: Abdomen and Pelvis. WB Saunders Co Philadelphia, Pangal Alexandra, Costăchescu Gh.

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Metodologia diagnosticului hiperplaziilor endometriale. Examen clinic, paraclinic şi management.

  1. Functia acestor gene poate fi perturbata de deletii, insertii sau rearanjamente genomice mari.
  2. The study group was diagnosed and investigated on the basis of the clinical examination and the specialized complementary explorations.
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