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Ovarian cancer in remission


    Once successful, these could be of value to women struggling with infertility or cancer patients who cannot conceive after undergoing radiation or chemotherapy. Such treatment is, however, not advisable for patients ovarian cancer in remission have a risk of malignant cells in excizia verucilor genitale frozen ovarian tissue. In that case, ovarian tissue cannot be re-implanted  because of the chances that their cancer could return.

    prevenirea preparatelor viermilor umani

    Developing a transplantable artificial ovary with isolated follicles from their tissue could therefore offer these women more possibilities for them to conceive. The first step in the process is to remove and freeze some ovarian tissue before a woman starts cancer treatment.

    nutriția în tratamentul viermilor

    When needed, follicles producers of hormones such as oestrogen and the precursors of mature female egg cells are isolated from the ovarian tissue and encapsulated within a scaffold made of fibrin that is grafted to the patient.

    Dolmans and her team have so far performed tests using mice tissue and follicles.

    ovarian cancer in remission

    But in this study, the research team turned their attention to the minute characteristics of human tissue. Biopsies taken from three women of child-bearing age were analyzed using scanning electron microscopy.

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    The thickness of the layers and characteristics such as the stiffness of the tissue were compared with that of four different concentrations of fibrin. The research team tested different fibrin matrix concentrations. A novel fibrin-based artificial ovary prototype resembling human ovarian tissue in terms of architecture and rigidity, Journal of Assisted Reproduction and Genetics DOI:

    ovarian cancer in remission